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Goodbye Mr Oji
Episode 7
date: 4 Oct 2002
ex-wife tells ozu eri's been sullen, smoking, and spending a lot of time on the phone. ozu asks her to deal with it. ex-wife says she's also his daughter.

the next day, akimoto beats up some bullies in school for picking on nagase. kato, who saw the whole incident, sends the bullies to detention, but lets the boys team go free.

the lady teachers are sharing about staying overnight at boyfriends' homes during their school days. shikamatsu has only ever stayed away from home with her grandma, to play cards. she feels she's missed out on a lot.

ozu is not comforted at all by their sharing. he's worried about his own daughter staying away from home.

he calls his ex-wife who tells him eri returned home this morning, then stormed out again. told him she'd try to talk to eri when she comes back. ozu says no, let me. and asks his wife to arrange a meeting for him and eri at the cafe, 4pm tomorrow.

sano sees the 3 beaten-up bullies and asked what happened. they tell him they were beaten up by the boys team, and that kato was there.

in training, ashikaga now holds a cone, cos she's need to carry something, now that she's given up her sword. ozu's lost in his own thoughts. kato's missing. why?

kato is explaining what happened to the principal. sano wants to disband the team again. shikamatsu just wants peace and quiet.

kato and ozu discuss the bully issue and both felt kato did the right thing.

then ozu asks kato about his girlfriends. kato's first experience was when he was 19. from a photo. her name was angela.

ozu: a foreigner?

kato: a prostitute.

kato has never had a real girlfriend before. and that was his first and last time with a woman.

the next day, the bullies' parents complain to the principal. kato's in trouble! ozu reveals kato's past experience with prostitutes to ashikaga.

the teachers discuss kato's problem. ozu wants to meet his daughter. kato begs him to stay.

haruka tells the boys about the problem. miaku is happy, cos then she can have mikami back. everyone looks at her in disgust, cos they are worried about being disbanded again.

sano reports that kato will be dismissed. ashikaga says a person who associates with prostitutes deserve this. kato says that was a one-off case.

not only that, sano continues, but the team will be disbanded. cos if the parents are not placated, and word gets out, there will not be any parents who will enroll their kids into the school next year.

ozu is distracted. he prepares to leave, to meet his daughter, but kato stops him.

mom and daughter are waiting. eri wants to leave, but her mom asks her to wait. it's ozu's first time wanting to speak with eri.

ozu is stuck. his phone rings, so he turns it off. he then tells the rest he's responsible. says he's the one who asks kato to keep quiet so that the team can continue. he will resign.

ex-wife and daughter are still waiting for ozu. eri says he's not coming, but wife asks her to wait some more. eri's phone rings. it's her boyfriend. he's below the cafe. her mother sees him too. eri goes, because as far as she's concerned, he's the only one who cares and listens to her.

ozu leads kato and the team to apologise. imoto follows ozu and apologises, and so do the other boys in turn.

ozu runs to the cafe. only his ex-wife is there. she ticks him off before leaving.

eri hangs up on ozu

turns out eri's guy is an underworld character. mikami recognised him, and noticed ozu's daughter with him.

they decide to tell ozu about it, cos he's been so good to them.

imoto visits kato, but ozu hasn't returned home yet. he asks kato to tell ozu that eri's mixing in bad company.

kato: where's ozu now?

kato and imoto find him in the school at night, alone. kato can't bear to tell him, cos ozu lost his daughter because of him. kato decides to do something for ozu. he wants to explain to eri the real reason why ozu missed the appointment. so the boys give him the info. but they also know it's dangerous for him to go alone.

they leave, but actually, they follow kato as backup

kato tells them to keep out. they warn him to be careful

they find eri. she explains it's useless to meet her dad cos he hasn't changed. it's always work first, even today.

imoto says eri and ozu are both ghosts. she says she's one cos she's the daughter of one. matsuzawa says she's just doing this (bad girl act) to get ozu's attention. mikami asks if eri has done drugs. she says no, cos the boyfriend really loves her. unlike ozu. then her boyfriend turns up.

sano talks to ozu in school. says they will find another way to placate the parents. ozu does not have to resign, even though the 2 of them have different views of teaching. he thinks ozu is so self-sacrificing so as to make atonement for his crimes.

the boyfriend wants kato to leave eri alone, cos she prefers it here to home. kato insists on taking eri with him. as a result, he is manhandled and knocked down. he gets up and gets it again. akimoto bristles, and is knocked down too. but he is told by kato not to retailate, for ozu's sake.

ozu tells sano that's not true. he's realised the folly of his selfish ways. now he wants to make life meaningful for the students. he's found that living is not just for oneself. now sano realises he's living ozu's past.

sano: am i a ghost?

ozu walks out of the school. and bumps into the boys, kato, and eri. the boys and kato are badly beaten up. kato explained that the boys did not fight back. blames ozu for the pain. kato asks eri to return to her father. she does.

ozu is so proud of his boys. you can see that in his look. father and daughter reconciles.

the rest need medical attention. akimoto suggests looking for some prostitutes to ease the pain. kato is adamant he'll never do it again.

ozu tells eri he now understands why she called him a ghost. he apologises to her for having been a bad father. eri tells him she knows what happened today, how he helped kato.

eri: i will speak to mom. don't worry, i can go home by myself.